WordPress Multisite Development Services

WordPress Multisite Network allows running many WordPress sites from a single WordPress installation. You can create new subsites and manage them using a single account. If you want, you can allow others to signup and create/manage their sites on your network.

WordPress Multisite Development Services

My WordPress Multisite Development Services are tailored to meet every requirement of your blog networks, Corporate sites/multiple domains and Internal Networks. Additionally, I also assist my clients with plugin configuration and recommendations.

WordPress Multisite Development Services

WordPress Multisite Features

WordPress MU Plugins and Themes are controlled by a central system administrator. Unlike the single-user version of WordPress, individual WPMU bloggers cannot upload their own WordPress Plugins and Themes in WordPress MU. The users can only select from the ones made available by the system administrator. Individual themes can be made available to all blogs or just to specific ones. 

The Multisite is a WordPress feature that allows users to create a network of websites on a single WordPress installation. It is otherwise called as the WordPress MU or WordPress µ. This feature is ideal for the ones who want to setup a large network of blogs. The WordPress MU is the multi-user version of WordPress. It is the underlying software that powers the WordPress.com hosted blog networks, universities, and companies running corporate blogging systems behind the firewalls. However, WordPress MU is no longer under active development as a separate product and its features are available with WordPress 3.0.

WordPress Multisite Host Benefits

The major WordPress MU host benefits are listed below.

1) Ability to create a hosted “community” of users.
2) Ability to host thousands of users on one site.
3) Opportunity to provide free hosting as an alternative to paid hosting services.
4) Ability to limit sign-up to specific email domains if required.
5) Various options for adding Plugins and administration features.
6) Customisation of the administration panels.
7) Ability to add WordPress Themes, increasing user choices.
8) Ability to control WordPress Themes, limiting user choices per site needs.
9) Security precautions and protections in place.
10) Easy addition of comment spam protection through Plugins.

These are the major WordPress MU host benefits. Now let’s see the WordPress Mu user benefits.

WordPress Multisite User Benefits

The WordPress MU users are liable to blogging restrictions. They can choose Themes and Plugins set by the administrator. However, there are so many benefits to them with the WordPress MU. Those benefits are listed here.

1) No installation or setup. Enter user name and password and blog.
2) A chance to test drive WordPress at little or no risk.
3) Choose WordPress Themes that have been tested and are ready for use – no fuss, no muss.
4) Part of a community, with potential for community relationships through competition and awareness.
5) Comment spam protection built-in.

Multisite Services Include

Mt suite of WordPress Multisite Development Services includes WordPress Multisite setup, Multisite Plugin Development, Settings Automation, WP Multisite E-commerce, API Integration, User Privilege Customisation and a lot more.

I’m a proficient WordPress developer who has already deployed multiple instances of WordPress with Multisite feature enabled and configured for my esteemed clients spread in different parts of the world. I possess the caliber of harnessing the power of WordPress Multisite feature for your existing web portal- allowing it to branch out beyond a single website. Contact me now to have the ability of hosting one, two, hundreds and thousands of WP sites via a single WordPress installation.